He’s got a concept all Hollywood will kill for…

High Concepts: A Hollywood Nightmare

A darkly comic thriller by Daniel McInerny

Available at Amazon for just $2.99

Donald P. Wirt, PhD, is a young, obtuse professor of philosophy who is mistakenly fired for “unprofessional and unethical conduct” at a professional ethics conference. But his luck changes when an affluent couple hires him to be a private tutor to their son, Miles, a brilliant high school junior who, rather than prepping for the SAT, spends his nights writing slasher film scripts and pitching Hollywood prodcos under the nom de théâtre, “Donnie Percival.” When one of those prodcos surprisingly requests an actual meeting in L.A., Miles fears he will lose the deal if he’s discovered to be only a pimply youth of sixteen. So in return for a share of the payout, he sends Donald in his place–in the guise of “Donnie Percival.”

Yet almost as soon as his plane lands at LAX, Donald discovers that “Donnie Percival” has a life of his own. Hardly aware of what is happening to him, he is quickly embroiled in an cutthroat world of warring producers, ferocious celebrity pets, and a former teen queen looking for a reboot as a serious actress.

As the clueless Donald becomes the hottest scribe in Hollywood, the burning question emerges: how hot can “Donnie Percival” become before Donald himself goes up in flames?

One reviewer described High Concepts as “laugh out loud funny.” But you can laugh silently if you prefer.


What else are they saying about High Concepts on Amazon?

“If you’re looking for a page-turning summer read that is both riotously funny and intellectually satisfying, you’ve found it in McInerny’s first novel. Seamlessly blending academia and Hollywood, and satirizing them both while recognizing their potential for good, this good-spirited farce may be the best thing you can download this season!”

“…a plot worthy of any of the old-time screwball comedies. A hitman that knowledgeably discusses philosophy? Horror producers named Blood and Gore? It takes a special skill to balance smart and silly as McInerny does in High Concepts.”



  1. Dear Daniel – I am trying to find a way to pass on Caroline Gordon’s personal class copy of “The House of Fiction” which she let me use in the 1970s for her class. After I sent a copy of my novella to her, she invited me to do a tutorial at her Old Mill Stream Apt. in Irving, TX, with a few other “stragglers” as she called us. I am in my 70s now and finding new homes for many of my possessions. I would be happy to sell this copy for a reasonable price to someone who would value it. It has her class Calendar for Sept. 1974 through January, 1975 and her many comments on the short stories throughout the book. I could send photos of the book and inside pages. Perhaps you know of someone who would be interested in this charming class copy.
    kay rowe

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